Full Stack Plumbing is a Carrboro Plumbing Company that helps local homeowners and business owners with plumbing emergencies and plumbing upgrades. We are ready to help local residents who have backed up sinks, showers, and bathtubs get their drains flowing again. Contact a Carrboro plumber when you find an unsanitary drain issue in your kitchen or bathroom.

Tracking Down Clogs in Drains

A clogged drain can easily ruin any shower, any meal, and any clean-up. Our full-service Carrboro plumbers are ready to blast through any clog that’s messing up your family’s morning or dinnertime routine.

We also want to make sure the problem doesn’t keep happening. We track down the problem and determine the best solution that will prevent another clog from forming in a week.

We don’t recommend expensive repair projects when a simple drain snake insertion will fix the problem. We also have lines that can easily knock out clogs that prove to be long-distance targets further down a network of pipes. If there’s a bigger issue with your pipes or sewer lines we will go over your best options with you and handle the problem as quickly as possible.

Clogs can be caused by many issues. Many of the foods and grease that end up washing down our sinks can stick and harden, building up over time to close off water drainage. Paper and plastic products can end up in drains and down a toilet to back up the plumbing in the entire house.

Our Carrboro Plumbers poke around to make sure the true issue is corrected. These are just a few of the problems we’ll be checking for:

  • Hair clogs.
  • Food particle clogs and clogs caused by the sticky liquids we pour down our sinks.
  • Clogs created by children. Children can put all sorts of stuff down sinks and flush some crazy things down toilets. We are happy to follow behind them and clear up clogs.
  • Toilet Clogs.
  • Check for drain leaks.
  • Replace broken drains.
  • Tree roots blocking pipes.
  • A problem with the sewer lines going out of your home.
  • A broken pipe.

Our drain and clog plumbing experts at Full Stack Plumbing will be checking these and other issues. We can take pipes apart to clear a drain and put them back in place without leaks.

Should I Try to Clear My Drain Myself?

Homeowners and Carrboro business owners who turn to harsh chemicals to fix a drain issue should know about the risks. Chemicals purchased at places like Home Depot and Lowe’s can end up weakening your pipes and the watertight seals around them. They also generally provide only temporary relief. Property owners will find that clogs return within a few months.

Renting a drain cleaning or plumber’s snake machine from a hardware store can also cause problems. You can damage your plumbing with these machines. You may also find that the one snake they provide doesn’t fit your pipes. Don’t waste your money and delay a repair on a drain that your family is anxiously waiting on.

Don’t be afraid to call us even if you try one of these solutions first and find out your clogs remain. We are happy to come out and provide a quality fix you can count on.

Certified Carrboro Plumbers

Our expert plumbers know the Orange County area well and can find your home quickly and get to work clearing a clogged pipe. We also handle business drain and clog issues at your office or job site.

Our staff is fully licensed and certified. Full Stack Plumbing is also fully insured. We quickly identify the problem and then review the necessary repairs and our recommendations with you. We want to partner with you on the plumbing projects affecting you and your family.

Full Stack Plumbing offers affordable prices. We also practice transparent pricing. This means you’ll know what you’re paying for and the value you’ll get for your money.

Contact a Carrboro Clogged Pipe Plumber

Contact us when you need an emergency rescue from the frustrating and unsanitary mess of a drain issue.

The team of experts at Full Stack Plumbing stands ready to act when the drains in your house stop working. A clogged or slow drain can make chores, taking a shower, or brushing your teeth frustrating and messy tasks. Our fully licensed and certified Carrboro plumbing crew will figure out where your clog is and eradicate it.