At Full Stack Plumbing, we can fix any plumbing issues you may have. From drain cleaning & leak repair to repairing a broken water heater or sewage line, there is nothing to big for us to handle. We specialize in plumbing repair and maintenance and will always make sure that the plumbing systems you have in place are working as intended. 

Plumbing Repair Clogged Drain Repair In Chapel Hill, Raleigh & Beyond

Plumbing Repair

Are your drains clogged? If so you need a plumber for drain cleaning or clogged drain repair. We provide drain unclogging services in Durham, Raleigh, Chapel Hill, Pittsboro & the surrounding areas. This is because we know that a clogged drain can cause backups in your home that can ultimately lead to property damage. If the clog is small, we can schedule a convenient time to come out to your location and fix the clog. Learn more about drain cleaning in the Triangle or contact us to schedule an appointment.

Plumbing Repair Faucet Repair & Sink Repair In Durham, Chapel Hill, Pittsboro & The Triangle

Faucet & Sink Repair in Durham & Chapel Hill

Because your sinks and faucets are used on a daily basis, they may be subjected to faster than average wear and tear. A broken kitchen or bathroom sink or faucet can be a major inconvenience in your daily life. A clog, leak or backup in your sink can make your sink unusable and a broken faucet means your water isn’t flowing. Full Stack Plumbing provides both faucet repair & sink repair in Chapel Hill, Durham, Pittsboro, Raleigh & the surrounding areas. We are licensed and certified which means you can trust us to provide fast, reliable plumbing repairs.

Plumbing Repair Frozen Pipe Repair & Broken Pipe Repair In Durham, Raleigh & Chapel Hill

Plumbing Repair

When a pipe in your home or business bursts or breaks, it can create a lot of damage to the inside and outside of your property. Smaller pipe leaks may not be noticeable, but you may notice that your water flow is weak and that you have a higher than normal water bill. Frozen pipes may lead to weak water flow, but as they expand they can lead to a pipe bursting. It doesn’t matter how severe your pipe break is, Full Stack Plumbing can repair your broken pipes or frozen pipes. We are always on call for broken pipe repair in Chapel Hill, Durham & the surrounding areas. For small leaks, you can schedule a convenient time for us to come to your location and fix the problem. Contact Full Stack Plumbing for broken pipe & frozen pipe repair in Raleigh & The Triangle.

sewer backup repair in Chapel Hill & Sewage Backup Repair in Durham & The Triangle Sewage Backup Repair In Chapel Hill, Pittsboro, Raleigh & Beyond

Plumbing Repair There are a number of causes for septic backups & sewage backup issues for homes and commercial properties. While sewage backup may be disgusting, it can also be unhealthy if not taken care of. Raw sewage contains pathogens like bacteria & viruses that can lead to you or your family getting sick. Full Stack Plumbing provides septic backup repair and sewage backup repair in Chapel Hill, Raleigh, Pittsboro, Durham and the entire Triangle area of NC. We will come to your location and find the source of the backup and repair it and make sure that your sewer lines are functioning as intended before we go. When you need sewage backup repair in Raleigh & the Triangle, contact Full Stack Plumbing.

Plumbing Repair Water Heater Leak Repair In Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Chapel Hill & Beyond

Plumbing Repair A broken water heater is more than a mild inconvenience, at best it can leave you with no hot water in your home, at worst it can cause a lot of damage to your home or business. A water heater can break by leaking slowly over time or it can burst causing a deluge of water to spill into your home. No matter how small or big your water heater break is, Full Stack Plumbing can provide you with water heater repair in Chapel Hill, Durham, Pittsboro and the surrounding area. Contact us if you need a Chapel Hill plumber to repair your water heater.

Plumbing Repair Water Leak Detection & Water Leak Repair in Chapel Hill, Raleigh, Pittsboro & Beyond

Plumbing Repair Water leaks can be hard to repair and even harder to detect if you don’t know what you’re looking for. You may notice that you have water pressure issues, leaks in your home, or a higher than average water bill. If left unchecked the water leak can become for worse and can even cause damage to your property. At Full Stack Plumbing, we provide water leak detection & water leak repair in Durham, Chapel Hill, Cary and the surrounding areas of the Triangle. We will come to your location, find any water leaks you have and come up with the best strategy for repairing leaks in your home or business. Contact Full Stack Plumbing for water leak repair in Durham today.

For Plumbing Repairs In Durham, Chapel Hill & Beyond, Contact Full Stack Plumbing

Plumbing Repairs In Chapel Hill, Durham, Raleigh & The Triangle

Full Stack Plumbing is available for plumbing repairs in Chapel Hill, Durham, and the entire Triangle area of NC. We assist both residential and commercial customers with plumbing repairs including drain clogs, repairing broken water heaters, broken and frozen pipe repair, leak detection and repair, and sewer backup repair. We are licensed and certified so you know you can trust us to fix your plumbing right the first time.

Besides plumbing repairs, we are also available for schedule plumbing installation services. We understand that you may need help installing your large in-home appliance, bathtub or shower, water heater, faucets and sinks, or another accessory that needs to be hooked up to your existing plumbing systems. We are always transparent with our pricing and you will find that we are an affordable plumber that doesn’t sacrifice quality. Before we provide our services we will provide you an accurate quote and time frame.

We provide our plumbing repairs and plumbing installation services throughout our entire service area, which includes, but is not limited to Durham, Morrisville, Raleigh, Cary, Roxboro, Apex, Carrboro, FearringtonHillsborough, Pittsboro, Briar Chapel, Chapel Hill, Mebane, Holly Springs, and the surrounding areas of the Triangle. For plumbing installation or Plumbing Repairs in Raleigh, contact us at 984-234-9218 or online. At Full Stack Plumbing, we’ll always keep you “In The Flow”.

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