Full Stack Plumbing serves Carrboro homeowners and business owners when plumbing emergencies arise. We also partner with residents to upgrade their bathrooms with new sink and shower fixtures. Contact our Carrboro Plumbers for any sink repair or faucet replacement project.

Bathroom Faucet Installation in Carrboro

Your bathroom time in the morning is an important part of your day. When a sink faucet isn’t allowing the water to flow, it can set you behind on your schedule and with little hope of fixing your hair or brushing your teeth. Our skilled Carrboro plumbers are ready to help you repair or replace a bathroom fixture that’s not meeting your family’s needs.

A bathroom sink installation may seem like a small project you could handle yourself, but there are mistakes that can end up doing damage to your cabinets and floor. You may think you’ve turned off the water supply, only to get flooded when you unhook a water line. These and other disasters can leave messes and cause harm to your bathroom.

You can reach out to us to have your bathroom sink faucet installed the right way. Also, if you give a bathroom sink install a go and then realize you’re in over your head, you can still give us a call. We are happy to come to the rescue.

Whether you just need a bathroom sink that simply gets the job done or you’d like an ungraded look for your bathroom, we are the plumbers for the job. Just tell us how you want your bathroom sink to look and we’ll get to work.

These are just some of the kitchen projects we are happy to tackle for you:

  • Installing of motion-sensor and touch-operated sinks.
  • Installing of water-fall style faucets.
  • The removal of your old faucet without damaging your sink or cabinets.
  • Repair of your current bathroom faucet if possible.
  • Leaving a fixture behind that doesn’t leak and has the most water pressure possible.
  • We can also make sure your drains are working properly and install a new one if necessary.
  • Blasting through clogged bathroom sinks.
  • Helping you choose. Talk to us about a good choice for a new bathroom fixture. We won’t let you order a faucet that doesn’t fit the holes in your cabinet or one that won’t operate correctly with your current lines.

Contact a Skilled Carrboro Bathroom Faucet Installation Plumber

A dripping bathroom sink or a loose faucet handle can make morning prep time a frustrating experience. Don’t put up with bathroom fixtures that don’t do the job for you and your family. The experts at Full Stack Plumbing come to the rescue with quick repairs to make sure you can depend on your faucet again. We are also experienced in installing new and stylish faucets and shower fixtures in your Carrboro home.

Our team of licensed, trained, and fully insured plumbers is ready to fix your bathroom problems and get your family life back to normal as soon as possible.  Contact us for all of your plumbing needs at your Carrboro home or business.