Carrboro’s Full Stack Plumbing helps local homeowners when they have backed-up drains and sewer line issues. Contact a Carrboro plumber to discuss your problem with a professional who can go over the best solution to your sewage issue. Our expert plumbers start work as soon as possible to get your home and your family schedules back to normal.

Sewage Line Inspection and Repair in Carrboro

Carrboro families need to be able to count on the flow of water into their bathrooms and kitchens each day. They also need drain lines and sewer pipes that are doing their jobs to remove wastewater. When drains back up and sewer lines get clogged an unsanitary mess develops. Residents may find it hard to use their bathrooms to get ready in the morning or to use their kitchens at night to prepare the family dinner.

Sewer issues can slowly build without you noticing for weeks or months. But once the problem hits a certain level, there’ll be little doubt you’ve got a backup. Certain greases and oils end up down a drain and lead to build-up and blocked lines. Children can also surprise us with the toys and other items they’ll attempt to flush.

These and other signs may mean you have a sewer line problem:

  • Strong gases and their odors coming from drains.
  • Gurgling noises in other bathrooms when you flush in one bathroom.
  • Slowly draining water.
  • Toilets that won’t flush.
  • Sewage and wastewater rise into sinks and tubs. These unsanitary backups can leave your family exposed to bacteria and viruses. At this point, you shouldn’t delay in calling Full Stack Plumbing.

Our specialized plumbers investigate your problem to see if a clog is in your indoor pipes or out in the yard where your lines hook up to a septic tank or sewage system. A patch of your lawn suddenly turning greener and growing faster than other grass could mean you have a leak in a major sewer line.

We inspect for broken pipes, tree root damage, and other common issues. In some cases, a slow-draining sewer line can be unclogged and you can have your house and daily routine back to normal in a jiffy.

If there’s a bigger issue, we’ll go over the problem with you so that you understand your options. We won’t abandon you to make a difficult decision on your own.

Is My Sewer Problem Carrboro’s Responsibility?

In some cases, a sewage problem that’s outside of your home could be the responsibility of The Town of Carrboro. Our skilled plumbers at Full Stack Plumbing can help you determine if you should be financially responsible for sewer line backup or clog.

Many of Carrboro’s houses and businesses are tied into lines provided by Orange Water and Sewer Authority (OWASA). Sometimes homeowners are responsible for clogs and breaks that occur in the lines going into the house from the sidewalk or where their property lines begin. In some cases, homeowners are even responsible for sewer repairs in lines that aren’t even on their property.

Allow our plumbing experts to assess your issue and make sure you don’t get charged for more than you should. You can also call OWASA to report backups and check on responsibility.

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Certified Carrboro Plumbers

Our local staff of Carrboro plumbers is fully licensed and certified. Full Stack Plumbing is fully insured.

And we don’t do unnecessary projects that only serve to drain your wallet. We inspect your sewer problem to see if a simple, inexpensive solution will get your drains flowing again.

Full Stack Plumbing offers affordable prices. We also practice transparent pricing. This means you’ll know what you’re paying for and what services you’ll get for your money.

Contact a Carrboro Plumber After a Sewer Problem

At the first signs of a backed-up sewer pipe or septic line, you should contact the experts at Full Stack Plumbing. That problem will only grow and could cause additional damage to your yard, your indoor pipes, and your bathrooms and kitchen.

Our team of licensed, trained, and fully insured plumbers is ready to clear your sewer issue and get you back to your normal routine as soon as possible.  Contact us for all of your plumbing needs at your Carrboro home or business.