Water Leak Repair in Cary

Full Stack Plumbing is a Cary Plumbing Company that helps local homeowners and business owners with plumbing emergencies and plumbing upgrades. We are ready to help local residents track down a leak and get it stopped in any pipe or fixture. Contact a Cary plumber when you have a slow leak or a gushing pipe in your kitchen or bathroom.

Finding Your Leak as Quickly as Possible

Plumber under sink. In some cases, the first order of business will be to track down the exact location of your leak. That leak may be hiding in a floor, behind a wall, or in a ceiling. We use advanced leak detection technology so you don’t have to tear up drywall and make other messes in your home searching for a drip.

  • Having an elevated water bill
  • Smelling a musty odor
  • Spotting mildew stains on walls and under cabinets
  • Spotting water spots on walls and ceilings
  • Finding damage to wallpaper or paint
  • Discovering puddles under sinks or appliances

In other cases, a leak isn’t hard to notice or find. A burst pipe may suddenly cause a flood in your house. Shut off your water and call Full Stack Plumbing as soon as you can. We want to partner with you on minor and major plumbing projects.

Fixing Water Leaks in Cary Homes

Once a leak is located, we get busy getting your home watertight again. Our skilled Cary plumbers can replace pipes and joints. We shut down drips from faucets and replace seals. We want to act before there’s additional damage to your house structure or to cabinets and furniture.

Here are just a few of the water leak problems our plumbers can handle quickly and professionally for you:

Faucet Drips and Leaks – A bathroom or kitchen faucet may develop a seal leak after a lot of use. The fixture may be hard to turn off and may drip 24/7. A simple cartridge replacement or some new gaskets may be enough to fix the issue. If a faucet can’t be repaired, we can also help you select a fixture that will meet your needs in the shower or in the kitchen. Our faucet installation plumbers and shower installation plumbers will also make sure you purchase a faucet that will work with your current plumbing hookups.

Drain Leaks – Drains are supposed to carry waste water out of your home. But those pipes can leak too. The leak may be right where water flows out of your shower or bathtub. We can replace drains and connections to make sure your bathroom or kitchen is watertight.

Toilet Leaks – The water lines flowing into the back of your toilet can wear over time. The joint that seals the toilet to your floor might also start seeping water. Our Cary toilet installation plumbers can make repairs when possible or install a new toilet that meets your liking.

Pipe Leaks – Pipes under your sinks and those carrying water between your walls to your showers and toilets could spring leaks. Connections may need to be resealed. Joints could need replacing. We can also replace faulty pipes if necessary.

Water Heater Leaks – sealed tanks in water heaters can burst as they get older. The lines going in and out of your tank could also spring a leak. If you have a closet or garage that develops puddles, it’s time to contact a Cary Water Heater Plumber for a repair or the installation of a new water heater.

Plumbers You Can Depend on at Full Stack Plumbing

Our expert plumbers work out of our Cary office and they know the area well. They are ready to provide for all of your plumbing needs in your home or business. Call us when you have concerns over a possible leak or a fixture not doing what it should.

Our staff is licensed and certified. Full Stack Plumbing is also fully insured. We quickly identify the problem and then go over the repairs that are necessary with you. We want to make sure you and your family can count on your home’s plumbing again.

Leak Repair Pricing

Full Stack Plumbing offers affordable prices. We also practice transparent pricing. This means you’ll know what you’re paying for and the value you’ll get for your money.

We also don’t recommend expensive upgrades unless they are needed. Our plumbing experts will examine your leak to see if a simple fix will get it sealed. We don’t want you spending money on a new fixture unless that’s what you want. In some cases, we can even repair some of the damage that a leak causes in your home to save you from having to call a contractor.

Contact a Cary Plumber for Your Appliance Installation Needs

The experts at Full Stack Plumbing are only a phone call away when a water leak emergency strikes. We are also happy to install any new faucets or fixtures to replace old leaking models. We want you to be happy with your repairs or replacements and we don’t want you to have to worry about leaks or malfunctions due to improper hookups.

Our team of skilled and experienced plumbers is ready to repair and replace your leaking pipes and fixtures in your Cary household.  Contact us for all of your plumbing needs at your home or business.