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Do you have a leaky faucet or a clogged sink? Over time, seemingly minor issues with your faucet or sink can lead to bigger plumbing issues and water damage. Full Stack Plumbing can help with sink repair and faucet repair in Durham NC. Our licensed plumbers have the tools and experience needed to handle all of your plumbing repair needs. Our team is available for your needs and can also set an appointment around your schedule to handle sink repair and faucet repair in Durham NC. Contact Full Stack Plumbing now.

Faucet Repair Durham NC Sink Repair & Faucet Repair in Durham NC From Full Stack Plumbing

Perhaps you are considering fixing your faucet or sink issues yourself. At Full Stack Plumbing, we respond to a number of jobs for faucet repair and sink repair in Durham NC that have been made worse by “do it yourself” attempts. The fact is that the intricate components of your plumbing system must all be properly handled to avoid leaks, backups, and other issues. Even simple clogs that can seemingly be fixed with store-bought chemicals can become worse over time unless handled by a professional plumbing company. Full Stack Plumbing has professional plumbing services in Durham NC you can count on to handle all of your needs including sink repair and faucet repair. Contact us today for more information.

Faucet Repair Durham NC

Faucet Repair & Sink Repair Services We Provide in Durham NC

Common services we provide for sink repair and faucet repair in Durham NC include:

  • Leaky  & Dripping Faucets – Faucets are usually the most often used part of your plumbing system. Wear and tear and other factors can lead to leaks. Left unchecked, water bills will go up and water damage can occur. Full Stack Plumbing can handle faucet repair in Durham NC.
  • Clogged Tub & Sink Drains – Hair, Shaving cream, dirt, and other substances can clog your sink or tub. Clogs often occur deep within pipes and store-bought solutions can often damage plumbing in the long run. Full Stack Plumbing will expertly remove tub and sink clogs in Durham.
  • Garbage Disposal Clogs –  Excess food, grease, dirt, soap, and other materials can accumulate causing a backup. Using a sink with a garbage disposal clog can increase pressure worsening the clog. Contact Full Stack Plumbing for garbage disposal clog removal in Durham NC.
  • Low Water Pressure  – Low water pressure can be frustrating but can also indicate plumbing problems. Water pressure issues can indicate improper plumbing installation, leaks, or clogs. Full Stack Plumbing will identify the cause and make repairs restoring your water pressure.
  • Odors – If your drains emit a foul smell it may indicate a clog or backup. Plumbing clogs can be a major problem, especially if it is a sewage backup. Full Stack Plumbing will find any clogs and backups in your plumbing and provide repairs, eliminating the smell.

No matter what services you need or issues you are dealing with, contact Full Stack Plumbing for sink repair and faucet repair in Durham NC.

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Call Full Stack Plumbing at 984-234-9218 or schedule service online for faucet repair and sink repair in Durham NC. Full Stack Plumbing is the name to trust for all of your plumbing repair needs including pipe repair, leak detection and repair, clog removal and drain cleaning, sewage backup repair, water heater repair, and faucet and sink repair in Durham NC. We can also assist with faucet and sink installation, shower and bath installation, toilet installation, water heater installation, large appliance installation, and other plumbing installation services.

Whatever Plumbing Services you need in Durham and surrounding service areas Full Stack Plumbing is always on call to meet your needs. Contact us now for services or to schedule plumbing repair or installation needs in Durham, Morrisville, Raleigh, CaryPittsboro, Chapel Hill, Carrboro, Holly Springs Roxboro, Hillsborough, Apex, and surrounding areas. When you have plumbing needs, stay “in the Flow” with Full Stack Plumbing.

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