Toilets and sinks can suddenly stop up and suddenly leave us with quite a mess in our homes. The problem may be a minor clog a couple of feet down the drain. But it could also be a major issue when tree roots have snaked into your sewer pipes or even busted them to pieces.

A sewage backup is a health hazard and it could also do expensive damage to your home.

When you’re not sure what may be clogging your pipes, it’s a good idea to have a professional with Full Stack Plumbing trace the clog to the source. Ignoring a tree root issue unchecked will only lead to a constantly growing problem.

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Signs of Tree Root Damage in Sewer Pipes in Triangle Homes

The difference between a drain clogged by hair and a drain backing up due to tree root damage may not always be obvious. But sometimes you and your family will be able to see, smell, and hear the problem.

Tree and bush roots seek out leaking drain pipes because they want moisture and the nutrients they need to grow. They often enter as a slender growth through a crack in a pipe and then grow into a major problem that can cause a drain pipe to burst. This damage blocks the drainage and sends wastewater back up the pipes and into your home.

Knowing for sure that you have tree root sewer pipe damage can be difficult if you don’t have experience with plumbing issues. There are some common signs that a tree root has taken hold of your pipes:

  • Backed up sinks and bathtubs.
  • Toilet frequently backs up.
  • Gurgling sound coming from sink or toilet.
  • Sinkhole in the yard.
  • Standing water in the yard.
  • Foul smell in the yard or from the sink.

When water can’t drain under your yard properly, a puddle can form and the soil gets washed away. A sinking lawn might mean your pipes underneath have been busted by roots. To protect your home, it’s a good idea to let a Full Stack Plumber inspect your house, yard, and your pipes before a bigger issue forms. We clear clogged pipes in Pittsboro, Carrboro, Chapel Hill, and across the Triangle. We can also tackle more serious issues like a tree root growing in your pipes.

For more on sewage and septic backup issues and how Full Stack Plumbing can help, visit our informational page here.

Should I try to unclog a drain myself?

Short of an expert’s opinion, you may not have any way to tell if a clog has formed from hair and soap scum, or if those gurgling noises you hear are a sign of tree root damage.

You may be tempted to try a store-bought chemical or rent a drain cleaning machine. But our plumbing experts at Full Stack Plumbing recommend caution when thinking about a do-it-yourself project.

Pouring chemicals from a bottle into your pipes can damage them further and also expose your family to toxic chemicals if they come back up a pipe.

Renting a machine from Home Depot or Lowe’s can be costly and very ineffective if you don’t have the plumbing experience. If your problem is tree roots, you won’t be able to figure that out by using a drain-cleaning machine. You could also do more damage by applying too much force as the auger snakes through your drains.

Chemicals or a drain cleaning tool may provide a temporary fix, but they usually don’t completely remove a blockage. The pipes will often close again in a few days or weeks. You may also not realize your true issue is with tree roots extending into cracks in your pipes. If they are allowed to continue growing they can soon bust a pipe completely, leading to a more expensive solution.

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