Chapel Hill residents may be off to school or work in the morning. The last thing they need is for the hot water to run out as they prepare for their days. You may finally get fed up and decide to switch to an efficient new tankless water heater that makes hot water instantly.

Before you drag your old storage tank water heater out to the curb, it’s a good idea to make sure you have the proper permits and the right hook-ups to safely install a tankless water heater. The state of North Carolina is strict on these requirements, and many water heater installations will require approval from Chapel Hill authorities. Skipping this important step can get you in hot water with your local government. It might also create some safety hazards if you ignore these precautions.

Getting Approval for Your Tankless Water Heater Install in Chapel Hill

Replacing a heating element on your old water heater won’t require a permit. A minor repair or the replacement of a water heater with a similar model may not require any approval.

But putting a tankless water heater into a home that previously had an old standard storage tank unit could be a bit more involved. For a tankless unit that runs on gas, the gas lines and meters must meet certain standards. On an older Chapel Hill home, some upgrades could be necessary. Electrical work could also be required.

Anytime the location of a water heater is moved, the project might be considered a renovation and proper approval will be necessary.

NC Law Building Code Enforcement Article 11 § 160D-1110. mandates that all water heaters installations must be inspected unless all of these factors are true:

“the work is performed by a person licensed under G.S. 87-21 who personally examines the work at completion and ensures that a leak test has been performed on the gas piping, and (ii) the energy use rate or thermal input is not greater than that of the water heater that is being replaced, there is no change in fuel, energy source, location, capacity, or routing or sizing of venting and piping, and the replacement is installed in accordance with the current edition of the State Building Code. (3) The installation, extension, alteration, or general repair of any heating or cooling equipment system.”

Don’t guess at what’s required. Contact your Chapel Hill building department to make sure you are sticking to proper codes and safety precautions.

You can check out the Orange County Inspections Division form for tankless water heater permits and find contact information there.

Letting Full Stack Plumbing Handle Your Permits and Installation for a Tankless Water Heater

The penalties for not getting proper permits and inspections for your new tankless water heater install can be hefty. Even if you don’t install a tankless water heater yourself, any mistake a plumber makes can affect your pocketbook.

An unpermitted water heater installation could result in a fine. Government inspectors could also require you to uninstall your water heater, creating a huge mess. Home insurance could also be harder to sign up for if a problem is discovered. This mistake might also make your home harder to sell.

The easiest way to avoid all of this is to allow the certified and licensed plumbers at Full Stack Plumbing to handle everything for you. Our Chapel Hill plumbing experts will see that every step of the tankless water heater project is properly permitted and inspected. We do things right the first time so that you can enjoy your endless hot water without worry.

Contact Chapel Hill’s Full Stack Plumbing for a Free Tankless Water Heater Consultation

You may have heard about the convenience and efficiency of tankless water heaters, and you may be ready to provide your family with endless hot water.

When you have questions about tankless hot water heaters or are ready to purchase one, give us a call. The team of experts at Chapel Hill’s Full Stack Plumbing stands ready to provide a free, on-site consultation. We can even help you shop for the right model to fit the needs of your family.

We secure the proper permits and begin installing your new tankless water heater as soon as possible. Don’t go another day doing without the hot water you need.

Contact us today for a free consultation on tankless water heater installation in Chapel Hill and across Orange County.